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Dissonance – Melipones
New track uploaded to BandCamp – All proceeds from the sale of …
Without Visual – @surmise_collective
An online audio exhibition – sound on and if you can bring …
Work in progress 2
https://youtu.be/HWBKmCfjTXg My current project is a collaboration – this is part 2 …
Work in progress
https://youtu.be/iGQrIk8lJeo My current project is a collaboration – still work in progress. …


Woodland view with Helm Crag at Thorney How, Grasmere

This audio stream was originally a temporary mobile stream set up for Reveil 2020 using simple iPhone/App. Now updated with a dedicated audio interface and two microphones housed within a water tight box and sited in the woodland to capture the most natural sounds.

It has been relaunched in 2021 during UK COVID-19 Lockdown 3 to share immersive and tranquil sounds from rural Cumbria with others.

Coming soon – Reveil – SC8 Off Grid

1–2 May 2021 Reveil is a 24+1 hour radio broadcast following sunrise around the earth on Dawn Chorus Day. The program is constructed from live audio feeds sent in by streamers at daybreak.

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